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Plumbing problems might not seem like anything you have to worry about right away. However, you're about to find they can be much more serious on your budget and your health and safety than previously thought. 

In the following article, we look at eight common plumbing problems that should be fixed immediately. Do any of these hits too close to home?

Keep reading to learn more.


1. Running Toilet

A running toilet can go unnoticed while you're sleeping, at work, or out of town. When that happens, it's racking up some serious water bill expenses that can send you into a panic every time you go to the mailbox. Sadly, it's an easy fix and 100 percent avoidable. 


2. Leaking Pipes

Another common plumbing problem is leaky pipes. Not only can it cost you a lot of money, but it can also mean the pipe is weak and needs to be replaced.


When that happens, you're a one-weekend trip away from a flooded house. Just one burst pipe can cause several damages to your home. And replacing all your pipes can cost as much as $15,000.


3. Draining Issues

Drain issues are more than just a minor annoyance. Clogged drains could indicate more serious issues. It will first appear as water that doesn't drain out or is slow to drain. They might be caused by hair or bunched-up dental floss or other things.  


4. Damaged or Broken Water Heaters

You are getting ready to take a hot shower for the night, but you only feel the icy cold water running. At this moment, you should check your water heater. A broken water heater could become a health hazard, contributing to carbon monoxide leaks that can prove fatal (commonly seen with DIY jobs).


5. Sump Pump Is Not Working Properly

Another common plumbing problem that should be fixed immediately is a worn-out sump pump. Sump pumps are meant to remove collected water from your home. If that doesn't happen, the water has nowhere to go but back into your house! 


6. Sewer Backups

No one has to tell you when to call a plumber when you experience a sewer backup. You will know immediately by the stench and the damages that occur to your flooring. 


The results can be thousands of dollars in damages and lead to health issues. For more, check out these signs you may have a problem with your main sewer line.


7. Replacing A Hose Bibb

Hose bibbs are relatively cheap to replace, but not replacing one in time can lead to a hefty water bill. That's due to the amount of water you're losing whenever you use a hose on the outside of your home. 


Pay close attention when using the outside water taps. If water is leaking around the edges where the bibb attaches to the hose, then you could be using a lot more water than you think. 


8. Broken Water Line

Last on this list of expensive or even dangerous plumbing problems is the broken water line. All that water coming into your house at once makes things ultra-expensive. 


Water leaks from a broken water line have nowhere to go but into the concrete of your home. Over time, it can weaken the foundation. 


Contact The Experts for Repairs

If you see evidence of any of these issues, address them immediately! Otherwise, you could end up with some expensive or even life-threatening issues.


Are you unsure whether you could spot serious plumbing problems? Let the team at Tiger Plumbing help you diagnose and fix your issues before they become catastrophes.


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