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Tips from Professional Plumbers in Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge

If you want to learn more about plumbing, we are happy to share our knowledge. Understanding the basics of your plumbing system is a helpful skill. Take tips from professional plumbers at Tiger Plumbing to learn what you can do to keep your plumbing in good working order and prevent problems. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Someone's hand is under the faucet and water is coming out
    Common Causes for Low Water Pressure

    Dealing with low water pressure can be frustrating. You want to do the dishes or take a shower, but the water is barely coming out of the faucet. When that happens, something as simple as washing the plates can feel like a chore.


    The causes of low water pressure are not always easy to detect. You may be dealing with pipe issues, faulty faucets or fixtures, and everything in between. You may try to diagnose and fix the problem on your own, but sometimes it's better to call the pros.


    Not sure what to look for? Below are some of the most common causes of low water pressure and how to address them.


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  • a plumber with a wrench in his hand
    8 Common Plumbing Problems That Need to Be Fixed Immediately

    Plumbing problems might not seem like anything you have to worry about right away. However, you're about to find they can be much more serious on your budget and your health and safety than previously thought. 

    In the following article, we look at eight common plumbing problems that should be fixed immediately. Do any of these hits too close to home?

    Keep reading to learn more.


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  • rusted water pipe
    The Pros and Cons of Having a Water Softener System

    Whether you realize it or not, water is harder and has more mineral build-up in Ontario than in any other Canadian province.  Many families have combatted this by installing a water softening system in their homes, allowing for cleaner water, lower monthly bills, and a wide array of other benefits.


    Yet, some still believe the cons outweigh the pros, while most are hesitant to make the initial step.  At the end of the day, it's largely up to personal preference, but let's unpack both sides of this debate.

    Keep reading to learn what you should know about the pros and cons of water softener systems. 

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  • Newly remodeled kitchen.
    When Is the Best Time of Year to Remodel My Kitchen or Bathroom?

    With everything, there's a right time to do something to get the best price and most options. The same goes for doing any home remodeling, and with at least 40% of people planning a remodel, you're not alone.

    If you're asking, "when should I remodel my kitchen or bathroom?" then you've come to the right place. Keep reading to learn the answers to your most pressing questions.

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  • opening a sewer.
    Signs You Have a Problem With Your Main Sewer Line

    If your shower is only trickling, your water line may be the problem. However, you should always check the showerhead and adjust the water pressure, just in case.

    If, after adjusting the showerhead, the water is still not flowing right, it is very likely that you have an issue with your water line. Low water pressure is not only confined to showers, but it can also happen to other pipes in your home as well.

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    Learn the Impact of Hard Water on Pipes and Appliances

    You may have heard about hard water before but have you ever wondered how it is affecting your home and your wallet? The average cost of a plumbing repair could cost you well into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

    Learning about hard water and the effects of hard water can help you avoid these hefty repair costs. Read on to find out more and plumbers in Waterloo who can help you!


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  • man adjusting water heater
    Leaky Water Heater? Here's What You Should Do

    Water leakage is an unavoidable problem in water heaters that are not regularly maintained. It is often an indicator of a more severe issue that requires immediate attention. Frequent water leakage can cause property damage by promoting mold and mildew and, in extreme cases, causes flooding.


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  • water heater
    When Do You Need a New Water Heater?

    A water heater is essential for performing everyday tasks in your waterloo home, such as washing dishes and taking a shower. It’s vital to pay attention and notice for signs to replace your water heater. We at Tiger Plumbing have made a list to help you know when you have to contact us for water a heater replacement.

    We provide quality plumbing services throughout Kitchener and Waterloo. Our team of full-service plumbers offer reliable workmanship and prompt turnaround times for both repairs and installations.

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  • Water Softener Installation
    Do You Really Need a Water Softener?

    Hard water has a high amount of dissolved minerals (especially calcium and magnesium) that tend to get deposited along the surfaces of the materials water comes in contact with. Also, hard water decreases the effectiveness of soap and detergent powders. These issues make our daily tasks such as cleaning difficult. Water softener installation is crucial to get rid of problems caused by hard water. Our team of professionals at Tiger Plumbing strives to provide complete customer satisfaction for all our plumbing, drain cleaning and repair services. We have received various awards of distinction from several organizations for our repair and installation services.

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  • Plumbing-Services
    10 Plumbing Tips Everyone Needs to Know

    There are several different plumbing problems (such as leaky faucets and clogged drains) that most homeowners face. Learning the basics of plumbing can help you prevent and fix such common everyday issues, saving you a lot of money in the process. However, keep the contact information of your plumbing service provider at hand in case you cannot fix something yourself.


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  • Drain-Cleaning-Services
    Simple Ways to Avoid Drain Blockages

    Never take plumbing or drain disposal for granted as they are among the essential requirements of our modern living. The drains may get blocked with use and if you don’t clean it timely, the pipes may suffer damages. The professional plumbers at Tiger Plumbing offer repair, installation, renovations and drain cleaning services.


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  • drain-cleaning-services
    Common Causes of Drain Blocks & Their Solutions

    It’s a well-known fact that clogged drains are nasty. It is a huge inconvenience for households and are downright disgusting, encouraging an odour and swarming with bacteria. This is a situation that every homeowner experiences and it can introduce health issues if not sorted out. Drain cleaning services from Tiger Plumbing can be of reliable assistance in such scenarios.


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  • Plumbing Tips
    How to deal with common plumbing issues

    As a homeowner, you’re bound to face plumbing issues at one point or another. While you can always call a plumber, knowing how to take care of minor problems yourself is useful. Here are some general plumbing tips from Waterloo-based Tiger Plumbing.

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  • Frozen pipes
    Winter plumbing problems and how to avoid them

    Winter plumbing can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a lot that you can do to prevent plumbing issues during the coldest months of the year, and if you know what signs to look out for, you can catch problems early on and minimize potential damages.

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  • Water Softener Replacement
    5 Signs you need a new water softener

    Hard water refers to a water supply that contains high amounts of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. When found in your pipes, hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, clog drains and prevent soap and detergent from dissolving properly.

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  • Water Softener or Water Filter?
    Water softener vs. water filter: which is better for your home?

    Water softeners and water filters are both water purification systems that help to protect your pipes and extend the life of your plumbing system.

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  • 09/03/2017
    Comparing Copper and PEX Pipes

    Many homeowners aren't aware of the fact that plumbers in Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge don't have to stick to traditional copper piping when a damaged pipe or even an entire plumbing system needs to be replaced. At Tiger Plumbing, our cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes are also a popular option.

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  • 06/01/2017
    5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Plumbing System

    Plumbing systems tend to last a long time before needing to be entirely replaced. So long, in fact, that many homeowners overlook some important indicators of an old and failing system. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and money in the future by catching the right time to upgrade your pipes.

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  • 02/11/2016
    Know What to Do in the Event of a Plumbing Emergency

    Plumbing emergencies are no laughing matter. They can strike at any time and make a mess of things in the blink of an eye!

    Let’s take a look at what you should do if a plumbing disaster strikes:

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  • 01/11/2016
    Hiring the Right Plumber in Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge

    Hiring the right plumber in Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge can do wonders for your peace of mind. Why? Let’s take a look at why nobody should touch your plumbing except a good certified plumber:

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