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It’s a well-known fact that clogged drains are nasty. It is a huge inconvenience for households and are downright disgusting, encouraging an odour and swarming with bacteria. This is a situation that every homeowner experiences and it can introduce health issues if not sorted out. Drain cleaning services from Tiger Plumbing can be of reliable assistance in such scenarios.

At Tiger Plumbing, we provide a team of full-service plumbers in Guelph, Cambridge and Kitchener/Waterloo region. We provide various services from general plumbing to drain cleaning. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or an upgradation in your bathroom, you can always count on us for quality service. In this blog post, our expert technicians have mentioned the common causes of drain clogging and their solutions.

Reasons for Blockage and What Can Be Done

From foreign objects dropped down the drain to a heavy build-up of grease and hair, there can be several reasons for drain blockage. Understanding each issue can help in tackling it in the best manner possible.

Let’s see a few of the common problems:

1. Hair

A build-up of hair can easily start to clog your drain. If this is not cleared up straight away, a lot of issues can happen down the line. Hair falling off the body in the shower and the bathroom is a common reason for blocked drains.

Solution: Small traces of hair can be taken out by gloved hands. Devices such as drain spiders can also be utilized to remove the hair. Even then, it’s crucial to be careful as certain devices and chemicals can make the problem worse.

If you can’t reach the hair by yourself or the devices aren’t helping out, it’s time to speak to skilled technicians.

2. Plants and dirt

Natural debris like shrubs, dirt and leaves can block your water drains.

Leaves aren’t the only problem. Roots from trees that grow underneath are known to head straight to drains, in search of water.

Solution: To prevent leaves and plants from drain blocking, clear the outdoor area of debris. If the mess is left long enough, it will reach the drains resulting in blockage. In case this happens, drain cleaning equipment can be used to clear this. You must also water your trees regularly, so that they will be less drawn to the drains.

3. Grease build-up

Like hair, grease also builds up over time. These fatty substances can be difficult to clear out as they will stick to the inside of the pipes and harden in a manner that no liquid can pass through.

Solution: Avoid putting fatty ingredients down the drain as much as possible. You can start collecting glass or plastic containers that you purchase from the supermarket.

Instead of pouring kitchen grease or oil down the drain, put it in these containers and discard along with your garbage.

4. Toiletries

Nappies and baby wipes are the two most common toiletries known to block drains. When such items get immersed in water, they enlarge by absorbing moisture.

Solution: This way of disposing is dangerous for the environment. These items should be taken out along with your garbage. Calling drain cleaning services will help if the problem prolongs.

5. Heavy rain and storms

Throughout the rainy season, drains will experience floods because of the overflow of rainwater. This leads to blockages that need to be cleared out.

Solution: Clean the gutters before the rainy season to prevent build-up of debris which leads to blockages. Contact a qualified plumber to prevent potential flooding in your home and property.

6. Broken pipes

Pipes break due to general wear and tear along with damage done by tree roots. As pipes begin to fracture, they become more susceptible to blockages. Unless you can spot the broken part of the pipe, it’s difficult to diagnose the issue which becomes more serious if there is limited space to examine the problem.

Solution: If you are unsure about a pipe fracture, it’s best to call a professional to take a look with video inspection equipment.

7. Poor water Flow

If only small trickles of water are allowed through taps instead of with force, there’s a flow issue or a low water pressure. This might be a sign that there is a build-up of sediment in the pipes. As the water carries dissolved minerals, it’s common for parts of the taps to be clogged, resulting in reduced water pressure.

Solution: Clean shower heads and taps of sediments and other deposits. You can soak them overnight in vinegar solution for thorough cleaning. If this doesn’t fix the issue, it’s best to have a professional diagnose it.

8. Foreign objects

Soap, sanitary items, food build-up and other foreign materials that get dropped down the drain is likely to block the pipes.

Solution: Keep watch of kids who may flush about anything down the toilet. Ensure that you dispose of waste properly, rather than dropping it in the drain causing drain blockage.

Let Us Help

As a regular homeowner, it might be difficult for you to go through all the solutions if the problems have escalated. Tiger Plumbing is an award-winning plumbing company which stands by its workmanship and dedication to customer service. Whenever you call us, you’ll always get a plumber who is clean, efficient and ready to work.

For information on what to do in an emergency, read our blog post - KNOW WHAT TO DO IN THE EVENT OF A PLUMBING EMERGENCY

Call us to know more about our drain cleaning services.


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