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Common Reasons Your Toilet Won't Flush

It's not always easy to determine why your toilet is not flushing. Is it a clog, a problem with one of the components, a lack of water, or something else? The sooner you find the root cause, the sooner you can use your toilet again. Continue reading to learn about the common issues why toilets aren’t flushing and how to fit them.

Simple Clog

The most common reason for a clogged toilet is attempting to flush heavy paper products such as paper towels or feminine products. Children are also notorious for sticking their toys in them and pressing the handle. Small clogs are common and the easiest to fix.

To unclog your toilet, you want to remove some of the excess water in the bowl and plunge the toilet until you see the water diminishing. If you do not have a plunger, you can pour dish soap and a gallon of hot water into the toilet. Let it sit for 20 minutes before attempting to flush it again.

Drain Line Clog

Toilet drain lines need to be installed carefully to avoid flushing issues. Cast iron pipes are common in old homes but clog more often. Outside tree roots and debris can also block your main sewer line.

Both of these issues require help from a plumber. Attempting to clear and reinstall the lines yourself can lead to more problems.

Shut-off Valve

Your toilet's shut-off valve should be turned to the left and in the "on" position. Friction from nearby objects or deep cleaning can push it into the "off" position. This keeps your toilet from maintaining the right water level.

Toilet Flapper and Lift Chain

The toilet flapper sits inside the top of the tank and looks like a red, inflated balloon with a chain at the end. When your press the handle, it lets water into the flush tube and then creates a seal over it. If the flapper gets damaged or warped, it needs to be replaced. A lack of resistance when you push the handle is the first sign of a problem with the lift chain.

Siphon Jets or Rim Holes

Siphon jets and rim holes are small holes inside the toilet that help rinse it out. They may get plugged up with mineral deposits, especially if you have hard water and no water softener. You won't get enough water into your toilet to flush it.

Low Toilet Water Level

The water level in your tank should be no more than 1/2-1 inch below the overflow tube. If it is more than 2 inches below, the fill tube might be damaged or broken, causing your toilet not to flush. Replacing the fill tube should fix the issue and have the water level return to normal.

Call the Local Plumber for Help

Most of the time, you can fix these common issues on your own, but if you cannot identify the problem or resolve the issue, give Tiger Plumbing a call. We are here to fix your plumbing issues as soon as possible. Book an appointment today.


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