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man adjusting water heater

Water leakage is an unavoidable problem in water heaters that are not regularly maintained. It is often an indicator of a more severe issue that requires immediate attention. Frequent water leakage can cause property damage by promoting mold and mildew and, in extreme cases, causes flooding.

Routine maintenance is necessary for the smooth functioning of water heaters. Tiger Plumbing has been providing water heater repair and maintenance services for a long time. In this blog, we will tell you how to deal with water leakages in your water heater. Steps to take: 1. Shut down the water heater As long as the heater is running, it will keep heating the water, and anyone who comes in contact with the leakage can get hurt. The first thing you should do when the water heater is leaking is to cut off the power supply and water supply. · If you have a gas heater, flip the switch to the off position. Don't tamper with the gas shut-off valve if you're not familiar with the system. An electric heater that is leaking has the added threat of electrocution, so flip the circuit breaker before mopping up the water. · Once the power is cut off, proceed to turn off the water supply. The water supply inlet is usually located at the top of the water heater. If you can reach it without coming in contact with the leak, turn it off. Otherwise, turn off the main water supply to the house. 2. Locate the source of the leak After shutting off the power and water supply, you should check and confirm the source of the leakage so that you can relay the information to the handyman for quicker water heater repair. There are a few parts that cause water leakage when they are in disrepair - drain valve, temperature/pressure relief valve and the internal tank. Check the condition of all these parts and see the extent of the damage. Also, make sure the leak is indeed from the water heater and not from some other appliance nearby. 3. Call for water heater repair You should have a water heater repair and maintenance service contract with a reputed contractor in your area. Regular maintenance ensures the heater is in the best working conditions in-turn, increasing its lifespan. Any issues that pose a problem to the functioning of the system can be kept under check and dealt with before it becomes big enough to halt the water heater's operation. Please read our blog to learn how to hire the right plumber. Count on Tiger Plumbing for all your plumbing needs throughout Waterloo. We have certified professionals who are available on-demand around the clock. We offer general plumbing, drain cleaning and emergency plumbing services. Contact us today to book a visit for water heater repair.


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