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Never take plumbing or drain disposal for granted as they are among the essential requirements of our modern living. The drains may get blocked with use and if you don’t clean it timely, the pipes may suffer damages. The professional plumbers at Tiger Plumbing offer repair, installation, renovations and drain cleaning services.

By taking simple preventative tips, you will be able to avoid expensive plumbing repair costs.

What to Watch out For

It is important to understand that not all materials are meant to be flushed down the drain. Here are a few food substances you should think twice before draining:

  • Fat: Oil is liquid when it enters your drain, but as it flows down the drain, it cools and the grease may rapidly congeal. The sticky solid mass of fat adheres to the pipe walls and other waste material sticks on it creating a bigger blob. You can use a fat trap in your basin, which is a lined disposable container for collecting waste oils and fats.

  • Hair: Human and pet hair are major clog contributors. A simple yet effective way to block the build-up is to place a mesh screen over the drain. It effectively traps the hair from flowing into the drains.

  • Food Waste: Leftover food items like rice and pasta absorb water into a gluey substance which blocks drains. Hard substances like coffee grounds may seem harmless but can block the free flow of water. A mesh in the kitchen sink will help in blocking these.

  • Fibrous Materials: Household items like wet-wipes, dental floss, cotton balls or sanitary pads should not be flushed and disposed of in a responsible way. They snag on rough parts inside drains and gradually turn into potential blockages.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals: Dispose of these and other substances like oil, solvents and paints as per the local regulations. They should not be introduced to the water supply as they can subsequently harm the groundwater, poisoning plants and wildlife.

Measures to Keep Your Plumbing Effective

Use drain blocker regularly in your kitchen to help you get rid of small blockages. Flush some hot water at regular intervals in the kitchen sink to prevent the build-up of scum and fat. Another natural way to unclog drains is to throw a spoonfull of bicarb of soda down the plughole followed by some hot water. You can also pour a cup of vinegar down the drain and then hot water after half an hour. The acetic acid in vinegar is an organic solvent which removes the build-up of grease. It will leave you with a fresh-smelling and clean sink.

If any type of clog is troubling you recurrently, pour half-a-cup of each vinegar, salt and bicarb down the drain. Allow it to foam for a minute and later throw four pints of boiling water. In case you have a waste disposal system in your kitchen, freeze vinegar and water, and throw down the cubes. The grease deposits will chill and vinegar will cause it to come off easily. Later, you can add the juice of a whole lemon for freshness.

If you find water running down the drains slowly, use a plunger over the drain after filling up the sink. Use it gently or the pressure created could break the seals of the pipes and cause leaks.

Call Professional Drain Cleaning Services

When these natural remedies don’t help you much, call our drain cleaning services for fast and effective assistance. Never ignore conditions like water pooling in the tub and rotting smell from the kitchen sink. We use specialized tools to fix your drainage problems for safety and hygiene.

Read our blog on what to do in the event of plumbing emergencies for a deeper insight into the matter.


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