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water heater

A water heater is essential for performing everyday tasks in your waterloo home, such as washing dishes and taking a shower. It’s vital to pay attention and notice for signs to replace your water heater. We at Tiger Plumbing have made a list to help you know when you have to contact us for water a heater replacement.

We provide quality plumbing services throughout Kitchener and Waterloo. Our team of full-service plumbers offer reliable workmanship and prompt turnaround times for both repairs and installations.

Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Age: Most water heaters run efficiently for eight to ten years. Schedule yearly maintenance so that your water heater lasts longer, but you should consider replacement once ten years have passed. Check the serial number of your water heater; the first two numbers are generally the year of manufacture.

· Noisy Operation: Your water heater isn’t properly functioning if there are rumbling and banging noises coming from it. Depending on how long the machine is making noise, it may need replacement or repair.

· Leaks: A leak in your water heater could damage your utility closet or basement. Leaks mostly happen because of the expansion of the metal in the tank. These expansions occur over time as the tank’s inner body is exposed to many heating cycles. If you notice water leaking directly through the tank, it’s time for a replacement.

· Rusty Water: If your water turns brown or yellow, it’s a sign that the water heater is rusting from inside and might start leaking. You can determine whether the rust is originating from the water tank or pipes by draining several buckets of hot water. If the water is coming out rusty even after the third bucket, the problem is with the tank and not the pipes. Replacement is the ideal option here.

· Water Runs Cold: Water running cold earlier than it’s supposed to be one of the earliest signs that replacement is needed. Sediments often build up over time in water heaters and separate water from the heat sources.

Let Us Help

Always count on Tiger Plumbing for fixing your plumbing problems. We have won multiple service awards and have received positive feedback from all of our clients. Our technicians are trained to install water heaters safely. We can also access and let you know if only repairs are needed instead of replacement.

Call us for water heater replacement services.


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